Global warming survey


Tom Fuller is doing a survey on global warming. He’s writing for the Examiner, with regular commentary about environmental (usually climate change) issues. He’s framing the survey as a search to see where common ground could be found in terms of policy reponses to global warming, which is an interesting and useful goal to pursue. It is explicitly not meant to be a survey of how many people ‘believe’ in AGW. Based on the bulk of comments on his site, it will be skewed to the “skeptical” point of view anyway. But that’s not the point…

Tom Fuller is a self desecribed ‘lukewarmer’. He has grown quite suspicious of climate scientists and their motives, based to a large extent on blogs where scientists are routinely bashed criticized. He’s an honest guy though, and exemplifies the kind of person with whom it’s both useful and possible to search for common ground, despite (sometimes large) differences in viewpoints.

Update: Survey is now closed. Outcome (>3000 respondents, 85% from WUWT) is heavily influenced by “skeptics”, which offers an interesting glimpse in their kitchen. Half is over 55, a quarter is emeritus. What was that about teaching old dogs new tricks? That they’re mostly republican and libertarian is less of a surprise. But some mitigation measures are more supported (or less opposed) than others. Neither cap and trade and carbon tax are supported, which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me; you’re not necessarily paying more for those measures than for straight taxes on some other measures that you could chose from. I don’t see the rationale behind it, but perhaps I’m looking for something that’s not there.

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