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Commentary on US Committee hearing on climate change

March 31, 2011

There’s yet another congressional hearing on climate change today in the US, featuring

Dr. J. Scott Armstrong, Professor, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Richard Muller, Professor, University of California, Berkley and Faculty Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

Dr. John Christy, Director, Earth System Science Center, University of Alabama in Huntsville

Mr. Peter Glaser, Partner, Troutman Sanders, LLP.

Dr. David Montgomery, Economist

Dr. Kerry A. Emanuel, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Real time commentary will be provided by several mainstream climate scientists to put the expected spin in context (see e.g. this commentary on Christy’s previous testimony a few weeks ago):

Live commentary by Trenberth, Dessler and Yohe (more info on this here)

Live blogging by Gavin Schmidt, Jay Gulledge and Eli Kintisch

Since it’s been getting quite popular lately for politicians to debate and try to legislate scientific understanding (am I the only one who finds this weird? No, no), SkS set up a special page with climate myths from politicians to try and keep them accountable for spewing nonsense:

Climate Myths from Politicians


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