AUC student blog: 1.5 to stay alive


For the past few years I’ve assigned students to write a blog post as part of the theme course “Energy, Climate and Sustainability” at Amsterdam University College (AUC). Check out the blog at

The blogposts cover a wide range of topics, from the environmental impacts of tourism in Thailand, to biomimicry, to eco-housing, to absurdism. And this engaging blogpost on the 1.5 degree target, written by Leo:

You have likely heard of the 1.5°C limit for global warming. Perhaps you are even familiar with the saying: “1.5 to stay alive.” But do you know where this saying came from or why such a seemingly small and arbitrary number was chosen to be our goal not to surpass? And what happens if we do surpass 1.5°C of warming? And how likely is that to happen? In order to answer these questions, one must examine a combination of scientific studies, data sets, public policy agreements, and historical happenings. This blogpost will do just that. The story of the introduction of the 1.5°C limit is a tale of triumph for the underdogs, while the story of what will happen if we don’t limit warming to 1.5°C (and we probably won’t) fits more into the apocalyptic genre.

Read on here.

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