AUC student blog: 1.5 to stay alive


For the past few years I’ve assigned students to write a blog post as part of the theme course “Energy, Climate and Sustainability” at Amsterdam University College (AUC). Check out the blog at

The blogposts cover a wide range of topics, from the environmental impacts of tourism in Thailand, to biomimicry, to eco-housing, to absurdism. And this engaging blogpost on the 1.5 degree target, written by Leo:

You have likely heard of the 1.5°C limit for global warming. Perhaps you are even familiar with the saying: “1.5 to stay alive.” But do you know where this saying came from or why such a seemingly small and arbitrary number was chosen to be our goal not to surpass? And what happens if we do surpass 1.5°C of warming? And how likely is that to happen? In order to answer these questions, one must examine a combination of scientific studies, data sets, public policy agreements, and historical happenings. This blogpost will do just that. The story of the introduction of the 1.5°C limit is a tale of triumph for the underdogs, while the story of what will happen if we don’t limit warming to 1.5°C (and we probably won’t) fits more into the apocalyptic genre.

Read on here.


4 Responses to “AUC student blog: 1.5 to stay alive”

  1. Jeff Id Says:

    Sea level rise,


  2. Jeff Id Says:

    FAKE news.

    Why allow such propaganda to exist? Peoples lives are being destroyed by creating false limitations on the single most important resource we have.


    It’s evil or ignorant actually, perhaps both.

  3. Jeff Id Says:

    Things have changed here. I expected at least a snip, perhaps a guffaw.

    The article is moronic but someone should be tearing me apart by now.

    If I come back, you will have more readers.

  4. Jeff Id Says:


    make a paper from this

    Thermal Hammer Part Deux

    It’s the first article you ever noticed my blog from. And it increases warming trend.

    And it is not invented by me but is fantastically better than current temperature datasets.

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