Wait a Second…. You’re Telling Me That Global WARMING May Be Making our Winters COLDER? Please Explain.


One of my students, Judith, wrote a blogpost on the Warm Arctic –Cold Continent hypothesis:
“Due to the fact that the Arctic is warming much faster compared to anywhere else on earth, the latitudinal temperature gradient is decreasing. This causes the jet stream to meander, weakening the vortex, moving cold air south and warm air north.”

There will be a new blogpost written by a student of Amsterdam University College (AUC) almost every weekday until 26 April on a topic related to climate change, energy, and sustainability. Check out the blog at https://auclimate.wordpress.com/

Energy, Climate & Sustainability


While I have been educated in English for most of my life, and even my iPhone settings are completely in English, I have always preferred reading the news in Dutch. As I was scrolling through NU.nl on a particularly cold Saturday morning, an interesting article named “Freezing cold in March: ‘we can expect these kind of periods more often’” (roughly translated), caught my attention. While the article does state that the future winters will know more (cold) extremes due to the melting of the Arctic, it lacked an explanation of why/how this occurs. Out of curiosity I continued to further investigate the topic with one question in mind, is our cold bitter winter season in the Netherlands ultimately caused by global warming?

Initially I hoped some other Dutch media source had shown an interest in the cold weekend as well. Unfortunately, only RTL news had published a…

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One Response to “Wait a Second…. You’re Telling Me That Global WARMING May Be Making our Winters COLDER? Please Explain.”

  1. thomaswfuller2 Says:

    I posted this in comments over at Judith’s OP.

    Judithnuria, thank you for an interesting and informative article. I hope your professor has prepared you for the possibility that there will be an interesting discussion in the comments, once your post has ‘escaped into the wild.’ Indeed, I may be one of the participants over at Bart’s weblog.

    There I will be persistently asking if we have evidence that the phenomena you describe so well are unusual and making much of the brevity of the historical record regarding them.

    Again, thank you for a very clear contribution to the climate discussion.

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