Video-interview about climate science survey paper


Fellow Dutchman Collin Maessen interviewed me via skype about our recent paper “Scientists’ views about attribution of global warming“:

Collin wrote a blogpost about it as well which is well worth a read, giving a bit of context from other opinion and literature surveys.

The interview starts off with the general findings regarding the level of consensus, then focusing on how this compares with previous studies, how the media coverage is slanted towards contrarian views, and he gives me a chance to talk about my favorite part, how aerosol cooling masks the greenhouse warming and how this makes the phrasing of the IPCC AR4 attribution statement, by focusing only on the greenhouse warming part, prone to being misinterpreted. These aspects were also discussed in my blogpost from last month.

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11 Responses to “Video-interview about climate science survey paper”

  1. cjaneway Says:

    Thanks for the upload, very on topic ;)

  2. Fernando Leanme Says:

    Can we say CO2 forcing is masking aerosol, solar, and orbital effect cooling?

  3. Bart Verheggen Says:


    Depending in your perspective I guess you could, but I’d find it less logical because on the timescale of the next few centuries CO2 forcing is in all likelihood much stronger than the others. So in your sentence I would replace “masking” by “overpowering” or “dominating over” to clarify the relative magnitude of each.

    Moreover, the aerosol forcing is temporary (due to their short residence time), whereas the CO2 forcing is much longer term (due to its long perturbation lifetime).

  4. thomaswfuller2 Says:

    Hi from Singapore, Bart–on a business trip outside the Great Firewall of China. Hope all is well with you. I’m between flights and don’t have time to watch your video–just wanted to say hello and wish you well.

  5. Tom Fuller Says:

    Hi again, Bart. Merry Xmas and all… I”m wondering if it would be possible to get the data from your survey, minus any identifying information. Are you handing it out like Christmas candy or do you have a procedure for disseminating it?

  6. Bart Verheggen Says:

    Hi Tom, best wishes to you too.

    The status of the data is the same as before:

    The full survey results are not publicly available, because the PBL intends to use the data for further analyses. The ‘straight counts’ for every question (i.e. the number of responses for each answer option) will be made publicly available in the near future (beginning of 2015).

  7. thomaswfuller2 Says:

    Hi again. I just read Jose Duarte’s comment on your paper and your team’s response. I think your response was very good and should stand.

    In Duarte’s defense he just got his 15 minutes of blogosphere fame by taking apart Lewandowsky’s horribly flawed papers and probably assumed that everyone was just as bad.

    But where I believe he was right on Lewandowsky I believe he was wrong with your survey.

    But I’d still love to see the data… :)

  8. Bart Verheggen Says:

    Thanks Tom.
    I agree with you on one of your two opinions ;-)

  9. thomaswfuller2 Says:

    :) Happy New Year

  10. Bart Verheggen Says:

    Same to you (and to all readers of course)!

  11. Willard Says:

    > In Duarte’s defense he just got his 15 minutes of blogosphere fame by taking apart Lewandowsky’s horribly flawed papers and probably assumed that everyone was just as bad.

    Since discussing the Joe Misreads C13 episode does not belong here, I’ve put my comment in the open thread:

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