Documentairy “Thin Ice” now available on the web


The documentairy “Thin Ice“, with spectacular images and interviews with a few dozen of well-known and lesser well-known climate scientists, is available for viewing tonight on their website (which features lots of other interesting content btw). At the same time, various public screenings are being organized all over the world (unfortunately not in the Netherlands, mea culpa). The free viewing via their website is probably temporary, though I don’t know for how long (my guess is a few days). The premiere has of course been timed to coincide with Earth Day.


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5 Responses to “Documentairy “Thin Ice” now available on the web”

  1. cynicus Says:

    Thanks! Watched the documentary yesterday, it was quite good. Somehow I had another mental picture of how Ray Pierrehumbert would look like :D

  2. Hartog Says:

    “unfortunately not in the Netherlands”, how is that your culpa?

  3. Bart Verheggen Says:

    I live in the Netherlands, so if circumstances had been different I could have organized something.

  4. Hartog Says:

    I did buy and watch it. Disappointing! I was hoping for some facts and figures but would not call that a documentary, just good photography and propaganda style ‘story’ telling. The Netherlands did not miss much. Even less culpa.

  5. Bart Verheggen Says:

    Hmm, I guess one’s opinion of the movie depends a lot on what you expect. If you expect a textbook in movie-format, you’ll be disappointed. But if you expect to see a good overview of the daily (or not so daily) work of different types of climate scientists, see them explain what they do and how they do it, you’ll not be disappointed. To the contrary, it brings science and scientists alive in a way that a textbook could never achieve.

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