Open thread may 2011


Have fun!

May this flower assist you in thinking happy thoughts…


4 Responses to “Open thread may 2011”

  1. Eli Rabett Says:

    Flower power!

  2. willard Says:

    We need more letter like that:

    In my opinion, we will always be able to say that this kind of note has $0 impact on fossil fuel share prices. Nonetheless, there is something quite essential to this kind of note.

  3. willard Says:

    The word “hypothesis” will get some ice time these days. In the transcript of the 109th Congress House Hearing (July 19-27 2006), we can see 25 occurences of that word.

    In particular, we see Mr. Stupak finishes up his opening statement with this:

    > We in Washington know all about undue influence on government scientists. A political appointee at NASA just recently tried to keep James Hanson [sic.], a veteran atmosphere scientist, from discussing the dire consequences of global warming by threatening dire consequences to Mr. Hanson’s employment status. The science content has been changed on NASA and other government websites because it didn’t fit the Administration’s world view. This fact ought to be of much more interest to this committee, the Oversight and Investigations Committee, than hypothesis about scientific social networking.

  4. willard Says:

    Interestingly, the resource is not available today.

    Here is a link to a PDF:

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