Stephen Schneider will be missed


Via Dot Earth: Stephen Schneider suddenly passed away. He was one of the giants in climate science, as well as in the communication of that science to the public. My sympathy goes out to his family and loved ones.

His website has been on my blogroll since I started blogging. He’s an excellent writer, and I encourage everyone to take a look at his website, especially the “mediarology” page, where he shares many great insights into the interface between science, public policy, and the media. This is also the page where you can find the famous “Schneider quote” in its full context, which has been a frequent focus of attacks by inactivists who, for special effect I guess, leave out the context (retold e.g. at climatesight).

I remember having read almost his entire website when I found it, which rarely happens. I’ve only once heard him speak, at the AGU fall meeting a few years ago. He was high on my list of talks that I didn’t want to miss, and I wasn’t disappointed.

He will be missed.

As Randy Olson sais in a comment at DotEarth:

The defense of evolution science in 2005 came down to mostly a few very brave and determined individuals (not large organizations) who forcefully and persuasively articulated the reasons why there are no significant conspiracies or hoaxes in the science world. There are similarities in the defense of climate science. Stephen Schneider was one of those voices. He will be missed.


3 Responses to “Stephen Schneider will be missed”

  1. Tom Fuller Says:

    Bad day all around. Stephen Schneider was extremely gracious to me, and I won’t forget.

  2. Ron Broberg Says:

    Indeed. A year or more before I came out and started blogging, I had some questions about the modeling of aerosols in the 70s. I though, WTH, and emailed the questions to him – the response was quick, polite, and informative. I was quite surprised to find a prominent scientist responding to ‘cold-call’ emails. A gentleman and scholar. Very sorry to see him go.

  3. Hans Erren Says:

    Science has become very effective.

    I prefer honest science with all the ifs and buts and caveats.

    Thanks to Stephen Schneider for pointing out the difference between efective and honest science.

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