Comment Policy


You’re welcome to leave comments on this blog. Please keep them on-topic, to the point and of a level of civility that you’d also like to be treated with.

Questions are encouraged; bold statements are not.

Some things are off limits:

No off topic comments; they should be directed to an “open thread”. This includes the claim (whether implicit or explicit) that the whole science underpinning anthropogenic global warming is somehow wrong.

Unsubstantiated accusations of other people or of a profession. [edit]

Derogatory language.

Endless repetitions. If you made your point, don’t keep repeating it without bringing extra information or arguments to the table. It’s okay to agree to disagree.

Comments offending any of these rules will be deleted (or at least the offending part will be). You’re welcome to re-submit off-topic comments to an open thread. (Just a tip: Save your comment in a word processor to make this easier.) Repeat offenders will be put on moderation.

Needless to say, I’m the sole arbiter of which comments are allowed and which are not.

Have fun!


6 Responses to “Comment Policy”

  1. John Whitman Says:


    Your first version of a comment policy should serve you well.

    I have found that most people have good intentions. Sometimes they just need to be reminded of that.

    Again, thank you. You have provided a good venue here.

    Curious – did you dig up any moderator support to ease your load?


  2. Shub Niggurath Says:

    I hope you follow your policy with equanimity. Deleting valid comments under the excuse of ‘OT’ while letting AGW sympathetic comments through will lead to the ‘RC clone’ formation phenomenon.

    With thanks

  3. Alan Wilkinson Says:

    Shub, I think you mean equity. I am sure Gavin does his thing with equanimity if not glee.

  4. Shub Niggurath Says:

    I was a bit skeptical of my own usage of the word. :) So I did check on Miriam-Webster which has

    “evenness of mind especially under stress”

    I think I was trying to ask Bart to be equanimously equitable :)

  5. Marco Says:

    While I fully understand what you mean, you may want to qualify the “accusations of other people” a bit: add “unsubstantiated” gives some context.

    Otherwise it is impossible to call anyone out for mistakes: “you are wrong” is, after all, an accusation…

  6. Alan Wilkinson Says:

    @Bart, wrt moving OT comments, something like this may do the trick for your. There seem to be a number of plugins to tackle the problem, this is a recent one:

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