(Nederlandse versie hier)


Update to the previous post on the Dutch Deltacommission being accused of exaggeration:


Via a Dutch newsreport the term “Delta dictator” has been widely circulated, but the source of the term was unclear to me until now. It appears to come from a report (in Dutch only) written by a consultancy firm, which provides an overview of opinions that arose during workshops held with stakeholders. As such, the contents don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of the Deltacommission, as is indeed mentioned in the foreword. 


The much discussed term was apparently brought up during a stakeholder meeting with young professionals, in the context of effective action in case of emergencies. I don’t find the term appropriate at all, but the importance of decisive acting when disaster strikes, and preparing for that with organizational measures, is evident.


Elsewhere in the report it is mentioned that charismatic persons can help in creating support for measures.


Compare this with the RTL newsflash, which said (my translation): “The communication advice to the commission suggests that a charismatic leader, a so called ‘Delta dictator’, should quickly put the plans in motion.” This is a misrepresentation of what was said at a round table meeting and then calling it “communication advice”. Hmm. 



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