On this blog, I will highlight my view on climate change. My view is -naturally- subjective (as all views are), but at the same time it is based on scientific evidence. I will try to give a balanced view of the scientific knowledge on climate change. By “balanced” I mean weighing the evidence: Not all theories have equal merit, since they are not all backed up by equally strong evidence. Science is all about weighing the evidence.

It is an established fact that the global climate is changing, and that this is to a large extent due to greenhouse gases emitted by human activities. The consequences are problematic, and the course humanity chooses to follow over the next few decades will dramatically influence the future, for better or for worse.

Scientific debate is about the details of climate change; not about whether it’s occurring or whether humans play a part in it. The reality of climate change and the big picture as painted above are scientifically well established and are no longer debated in the scientific arena. The “debate”, as portrayed in the popular media, is entirely different from the scientific debate. This has created a huge gap between what is known in climate science and the public’s perception of what is known.

I dedicate this blog to my older brother, Joost.


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